Thursday, July 20, 2006

Firework fun

Cookout 2006

Once again, we had the family over for a little Fourth of July cookout which turned out to be an excuse to stuff ourselves silly with all the good foods that we don't make for ourselves regularly. First, here's the three bears, aka Laura, Anna, and Leah getting ready for the fun. Leonard, Neva and Margie, and Margie's husband Johnny:
Steve, Daddy (Earl Dean), Danny, EmmaLeen, and Ava:
Robert and Anna gettin' their Ale-8 fix:
Steve loadin' up:
The young'n's who aren't so young anymore watching TV while everyone else enjoyed the nice summer evening outside:
Neva, Margie, and EmmaLeen:
Mariah, Ava, and Tiphanie:
Elliott and Kelly:

July Couture

The babies wanted to dress up for all the company we had for the Fourth of July. Tres chic.

Warning: Keep children away from flammable objects

Don't try this at home, folks. Looking back at all the pictures that we took over the July 4th holiday, we realized that Leah has a problem. She needs to seek help for her addiction to sparklers. After about 20 boxes of sparklers burned over the course of two weekends, we finally had to pry the fried sparklers out of Leah's hand.

Here she is at our family picnic....
...and at Josh and Marie's house on the Fourth...
and again at Josh and Marie's house...
...and again.... our house the weekend before the Fourth...
...and again...her obsession runs deep.
There's always next year, Leah.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm Bat-Cat, the Dark Knight

Who faces dark foes in the dark streets of, um, Elliott County, Kentucky? It's Cirrus, the Bat-Cat! Mysterious and fierce, Cirrus is our one and only cat. Why only have one cat? Cause there's no other kitty in the world tough enough to put up with all of those barbarian dogs!

And coming soon...finally, we've got Fourth of July pictures- much belated because you can't get pictures off the digital camera unless you can find the data cord.

A Fetchin' Fool

If you have ever met Dave's dog, Nina (aka Nina Simone, aka Neener Beener, aka Bean Dip, aka Bean Dip Jones, aka Robo-dog, aka Nazi Nina), you know she loves to fetch. That little girl loves to fetch like it is going out style. She will fetch for hours until her gums bleed and she can hardly breath - and then she'll beg for more. See how she lovingly gazes at the ball? If anyone knows a Rawlings basketball sales representative, please contact us immediately, because Nina's got some ad campaign ideas.