Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sheehan and more Thanksgiving

First comes first! No Thanksgiving is complete with puppies to clean up the mess. Sarge, from John and Angela's own puppie mill, helped Nina clear all those plates and showed off all those tricks to get the good stuff.

Ryan showed a few tricks of his own. He can pop a wheelie!
Dave couldn't stand to be shown up. He had to get a few bike tricks in, too.
The Bros.
Could be bros.? (Oh wait, it's just Mike, our fav. new "Sheehan")

Angela is a great cook.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fun with the LeMasters

This weekend at the Buffalo Wild Wings, we got a little "wild" with the kiddies, or, from the looks of things, they got a little wild with us.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Noo Doo

We'll take a break from old family photos and show some new family photos.
Old David:

New David:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Family Portraits, part II

The oldest of my dad's siblings, and Memaw and Pepaw, taken sometime in 1953. Left to Right: Leonard, Memaw (holding Lois), Mac, Pepaw (holding Wanda), and Margie.

Pepaw and Daddy celebrating the 175 anniversary of Flemingsburg by growing their beards. Daddy had a little ways to catch up with Pepaw.

Family picture outside the old house. This picture was probably taken in '64 or '65, because their house burnt in 1966. Left to right: Back row, Margie, Lois, Pepaw, Wanda (bent over), Daddy, Danny (with puppy); Front row, Neva (with puppy), Memaw, Ava (turned around).

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Family Portrait

Three years ago when our Memaw died we came up with several boxes of old pictures of our family on our Dad's side. We are so glad to have the technology to keep these pictures safe and to be able to copy them. If you are part of our family and want any of these, let us know. We don't have most of the originals; they were split up among all of the family, but we can get copies of them. If not, just enjoy the pictures as a portrait of our family.

Lois and Wanda with one their pet squirrels, taken in the mid-fifties.

Memaw, probably taken when she was 18, about 1946 before she got married to Pepaw.

Left to Right: Danny, Lois, Daddy (the baby), and Wandy, probably taken in 1956.

Daddy and Wandy with a beagle puppy, Candy, probably taken in the late sixties.