Monday, May 22, 2006

Wedding Shower, Part Three

We are especially glad that so many of our friends could come to the shower. At the top, we have Jason, Amanda, and Henry who so kindly showed off other pictures from the shower on their Adventure Log: Next, is the greatest boss ever, Jennifer, and her daughter Chloe. Then, Josh and the ever-fabulous bridesmaid Marie, and finally Erin and Connie, who are the friends every person should have. Mysteriously not found in other pictures, were also the ever-fabulous bridesmaid, Hannah, and her mother, Judy. Anna, bridesmaid, sister, and wedding invitation designer, also evaded most of the photography. We had such a good time. Thanks to everyone for helping out and coming out.

Wedding Shower, Part Two

Here we have Mommy's family, including: Pat, Renee, Devin and Becca; then, Donnie and Patricia; and finally, the Wizard behind our Oz, Mamaw. Mamaw has been our very own wedding planner and has the manners, grace and creativity to cover for all of us.

Wedding Shower, Part One

Last week we had a co-ed wedding shower at Simons Middle School in Flemingsburg. In attendance, we had oh so many family and friends. Part One includes Daddy's family. Above are Mariah and Bethany; then, Tiphanie, Mariah, and Ava; and finally, a whole assortment of the Rucker siblings and offspring.

More sleeping...

I'm not sure that Cirrus is very comfortable, but Maggie seems to like it. He makes a good pillow.

So long, farewell

So, we are slightly behind in all the blogging, so I'll start from where we left off. This is the night library crew's last night together. We had a blowout party (ok, so it was only pizza and cake) to commemorate our time together. Brendan, making his first appearance on the puppie mill, was the other GA, and Elizabeth, making her first appearance as well, was the night work study.
Auf Wiedersehen to the best trio ever.