Friday, February 27, 2009

New Additions. Again.

We just can't help ourselves. When a dog needs a home, it's just hard to say no. When TWO dogs need a home, we just stumble over ourselves to get their beds ready and the toys assembled. Introducing Caleb and Oscar, who hail from over Three C Trail way. They are brothers, though you can hardly tell it from their looks. The mother is a Llewellen Setter but as to the father(s), your guess is as good as ours. Caleb is Kermit's boy and Oscar is Anna's baby. Leah and Laura just get the free cuddles from these precious babies.

Here is our rambunctious Caleb...

...and our pretty Oscar (or Woo-scer, as I've been calling him).

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bed Hogs

The Puppy Mill has posted a few lazy-babies-on-the-bed pictures, but who can resist these two sun-bathers?

...the only bath Bu likes to take.

Scootch over.

The Road Less Traveled

Getting home the last couple weeks has not been fun or easy. Without Laura's 4-wheel drive, we'd be sitting pretty at home instead of going to work (ok, maybe Laura should sell her SUV) on these snow days. It's been the worst winter, as far as ice and snow go, we've had since we bought the farm, but they are finally melting off, thanks to today's 60 degree weather.

Last week's snow and the puppies who loved it.

While we didn't love getting out in the snow, these pups sure did.

Mollie jumping over the ditch

Wild Thing

The farm from our porch.

Nina enjoying the snow.

New Puppie playing in the field.

Charlie and Mollie are the two happiest dogs.

Bu loves a little free time.

No privacy here.

Some ice, ice, baby.