Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More 4th of July

Happy Extremely Belated Fourth of July!

Better late than never, right? Aunt Neva, you know us too well. This was me: "I promise to put the family picnic pictures on the web in the next few days!" Whoops. How bout a few months?

So many weeks ago, we had our annual Independence Day cookout with Daddy's brothers and sisters and family. We had a blast this year, playing lots of fun games around the yard.

Nothing say independence like cornhole, horseshoes and crochet, right? Especially when you have to play your crochet move around the bushhog.

Neva plays her crochet move around, erm, many obstacles. She still whipped the pants off of us, though.
Daddy, Kermit, Eric, and Timmy stuck to the ever-traditional horseshoes, until Uncle Timmy thrashed everyone roundly.
Anna, Ava, and Margie played crochet around the side of the yard, while the horseshoes played on in the middle.

Of course, the most fun game of all was "Pass the Baby". We'd like to welcome Lauren Isabelle DeAtley to the Puppy Mill gang. Our cousin Eric and his wife Tiphanie had this beautiful baby girl earlier in the year and we were all ready and willing to take our turns holding her. Anna and Leah kicked the game off followed by Mommy and then Aunt Margie. Even Kermit got a turn!

Mommy Tiphanie was grateful for the break, I think.

Maggie, of course, wouldn't be outdone by a baby! She found cousin Mariah to fill her cuddling quota for the evening.