Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cookout 2006

Once again, we had the family over for a little Fourth of July cookout which turned out to be an excuse to stuff ourselves silly with all the good foods that we don't make for ourselves regularly. First, here's the three bears, aka Laura, Anna, and Leah getting ready for the fun. Leonard, Neva and Margie, and Margie's husband Johnny:
Steve, Daddy (Earl Dean), Danny, EmmaLeen, and Ava:
Robert and Anna gettin' their Ale-8 fix:
Steve loadin' up:
The young'n's who aren't so young anymore watching TV while everyone else enjoyed the nice summer evening outside:
Neva, Margie, and EmmaLeen:
Mariah, Ava, and Tiphanie:
Elliott and Kelly:


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