Friday, June 02, 2006

The Big Day

Well, the wedding day finally arrived - or, that is, it crashed into being with sound and fury. It took months and months of preparation with a healthy dose of procrastination, but we've reached the concensus that it turned out pretty darn well. (We, at the Puppy Mill, hope you all agree.) To make our case for what a good time we had, I'd like to present some pictures as evidence. It's only fitting that we start out with a picture that has a cute dog in it, plus it shows who was really doing all the work in the last days before the wedding. You know all that work that went into it, like peeling 32 pounds of potatoes for Potato Salad, assembling 150 miniature flower pot/melt-away mint combos for favors, and decorating the church and reception hall....well, needless to say, it wasn't Maggie doing it.

Like much of the planning for the wedding, our mamaw, the oh-so-talented Emma Mae Armstrong, created and arranged all of the silk flowers and centerpieces in the church and the reception hall. She really did a bang-up job. Otherwise, you might have been looking at one Big Lots candle and a couple of mashed silk flowers if it hadn't been for her.

Our mother, Carla did most of the food with help from mamaw, our aunt Renee who did those yummy meatballs!, and our friend Regina who made a smashing pasta salad. If mommy's hair looks a little limp and face a little red it could be either because it was pretty hot outside of the church or because she got very little sleep the night before worrying about every detail of the big day.

We had so many friends join us for this celebration of Leah and Dave gettin' hitched. Some honored guests include Leandra Kelley and Henry Vance, whose parents so graciously provided many of the pictures you're seeing on this very post. As our pictures aren't available yet, they (and our uncle Steve of the Steve/Neva clan) sent us these digital pics. Jason and Amanda and Sherry and Lee were a just a few of the library (and library associated) folks who came out for the festivities. Tom Kmetz, Julie Grannis and Tom Carroll, Tim Bush, and Stacy and Xavier Scott also joined in on the fun.


At Friday, June 02, 2006 11:39:00 AM, Blogger sdk said...

Awesome post, Laura. The wedding was so much fun, but you just made it even better with your excellent blogging/writing skills.


At Saturday, June 03, 2006 10:43:00 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Great post. When an event is as beautiful and well executed as this one was you know a lot of work went into it, but thanks for quantifying! 32 lbs. of potatoes every ounce delicious!
By the way I also work at a library :)


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