Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're getting old at the Puppy Mill

It's a slightly belated post, but I wanted to share with everyone just how up in age we're getting here in the Puppy Mill. I had my 5 year college reunion back in April to commemorate my time at Transylvania University (1999-2003). Kermit and I made the trek down I-64 to Lexington to visit a few of my old college friends and see some of my old haunts. We ate a lovely Caribbean seafood dinner that started with yummy fried sweet potato chips with friends at The Atomic Cafe (if you haven't been, you should go!) before heading up the block to campus.

You can't see me too well in this first picture because it is such a long shot of the Haupt Humanities building. I spent most of my class time in this building taking English classes from Tay Fizdale and Anthony Vital. Ah..those were the days. I miss those classes.

When I wasn't in Haupt, I was probably at my workstudy in the Special Collections department at the library. BJ Gooch was my boss for four years and we had such a good time working in the old books. Below you can see the old part of the building. There is a newer wing to the left of the tree that holds the circulation desk, the periodicals collection and the basement computer lab. The year after I graduated a new bookstore was even built on to that wing.

And finally, the Old Morrison Administration building. That old place has burnt down a couple of times and been rebuilt. You think it might have something to do with the curse of Rafinesque? He was a botany professor at Transy who was fired and kicked out because he supposedly slept with the President's wife, but records indicate he probably was just a very flaky egghead who wouldn't show up for his classes for weeks in a row because he was conducting his independent research. He moved back to his native Pennsylvania only to die, to be buried in a mass grave, then exhumed, and return to Transy to be buried in a tomb right inside those big landings with columns you see in the picture. Creepy, right? Well, now some researchers think they the wrong body might have been exhumed and that Old Morrison is the resting place for an unidentified Pennsylvanian woman.

After our tour of campus, we went to the class social at the Griffin Gate Marriott. I was late for the group picture (surprise, surprise), but I was still glad to go. I got to see lots of old friends, including Shannon and her husband and Deric Miller.


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