Friday, December 16, 2005

Surprise Party!!

Happy Birthday, Emmaleen!

This is the look of guilt. Our Uncle Danny smiles mischeviously as Emmaleen figures out what she's been lured into. Outside, in the parking lot of Wallingford Methodist Church, she thought she was going to watch her husband sing a special for church, but as soon as she saw all of our smiling faces, she realized it was her surprise birthday party!!!

Emmaleen opens her gifts with a little help from daughter Lisa.
Thanks, Steve for this wonderful picture of me and for the many others. You've contributed so many pictuers to this blog, I'll have to put you on the payroll.

Above, Tim is probably thinking about what trouble he can get into and, below, Earl (a.k.a. Earl Dean, a.k.a Deanie) and Carla hang out with the family.


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