Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Everybody enjoyed the other Halloween pictures from the library so much, that I thought I would post some more. It takes a special kind of crazy to work at a library and we're more than qualified.

Luana is under that hideous mask somewhere, but I can see around the nose.

Bridgette made this mouse costume herself.

Elsie didn't have her mustache on when I took this picture, but she does look good in a sombrero.

Marilyn looks incredulously at Ray's UPS guy costume. By the way, Ray has dressed up as a "brown" man every Halloween.

Chris Burnton is usually considered the progeny of John Burton of the LRC but for Halloween he was more of a Mexican-Indian outlaw-cowboy guy(?).

John also joined the stampede south, in a more colorful way. Nice coat of many colors, John. He and Lisa make an odd pair of costumes - but all in the spirit of Halloween.

And coming soon....

Pictures of Daddy's 50th birthday party.


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